Laconia Consulting Group provides integrated global security and strategic support solutions to government agencies, private corporations and non-governmental organizations worldwide. We offer specialized services related to high-risk/non-permissive environments including; high risk security operations, strategic planning, intelligence collection, operational and logistical support, and advanced training solutions. We have strategically aligned ourselves with experts from around the world, allowing us to provide the highest quality services available. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest levels of excellence and professionalism in our fields.

Laconia Consulting Group understands today’s global climate brings new threats and a need for evolving tactical excellence. We have developed our company around sound principles, innovation and adaptability. Our goal is to provide the highest standards of service to our clients in any part of the world. The attainment of excellence is achieved by strict quality control over every aspect of our operations.

As companies expand with inevitable globalization, it is crucial to take the necessary steps to provide an environment as conducive to success as possible. Laconia Consulting Group provides the services essential to achieving this outcome.


International Security, Crisis Management, Conflict Resolution, Close Protection, Intelligence, Negotiations, Transnational Security, Security Management & Training, Counter-terrorism, Maritime Security, Physical Security, Tactical Solutions, Surveillance.